23 Awesome Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffers

Looking for some affordable stocking stuffers? Dollar Tree will be your new favorite place to shop! Discover 23 awesome Dollar Tree stocking stuffers that will make your loved ones happy on Christmas morning. From toys to books; kids to adults – you’ll be able to find the perfect present for everyone on your list.

The outside of a Dollar Tree store.

Before you browse the list below, though, a couple quick tips:

  • Think about the person you’re shopping for and their preferences before grabbing a bunch of things at the Dollar Tree. For example, if your wife is very particular about the type of makeup she wears and gets skin irritation easily, it might be wasteful to purchase products she may not be able to use.
  • Try to assess the quality of the kids toy items, as they can be very hit or miss. You don’t want your kiddo’s new stocking stuffer toy breaking before you’ve even sat down to your Christmas morning pancakes.
  • Get creative with pairing items. A small notebook paired with a new pack of fun colored pens makes a great and useful stocking stuffer for your favorite journal enthusiast.

Now that you’ve got those tips in mind, check out the awesome dollar tree stocking stuffers below.

1. Books

Books at the dollar tree.

These are by far my favorite stocking stuffer idea for adults. Who doesn’t love a good book?!

During the year, my family saves money on books by primarily using the library. However, we like to have a few good non-library books on hand for times we go to the pond, beach, etc – i.e. any place a book is more likely to get dirty or damaged.

Grabbing a few at Dollar Tree and adding them as stocking stuffers is a perfect way to grow your personal or family library on the cheap! The selection is somewhat limited (you’re probably not going to hunt down your favorite money mindset books) but they often have a rotating stock of fiction, young adult fiction, and a handful of non-fiction. Sometimes there are even cookbooks there (I snagged my very favorite cookbook from Dollar Tree!).

Try to pop in frequently leading up to the holidays to see what they have on hand, and don’t hesitate to check another store as the book selection will typically vary between two locations.

2. Coloring and Activity Books

Coloring books and activity books on a shelf.

This is a great dollar store stocking stuffer idea for kids!

My kiddo always loves getting a new coloring book or activity book in my stocking. His favorites are typically the ones with mazes, connect-the-dots, and other little games and puzzles.

Dollar Tree typically has a good selection of these types of books. They often have themed books – such as Disney princesses or Paw Patrol – but they also have more general coloring and activity books too.

Bonus – it’ll entertain them for a bit on Christmas morning while you get breakfast prepared.

3. Art Supplies

Packages of crayons on hangers at the dollar tree.

Stocking stuffers are the perfect opportunity to get your kids some new art supplies. And I’m not talking about low-quality ones that barely color on the paper – many Dollar Tree locations carry Crayola supplies!

The picture above was taken at my location where you could get the standard 24-pack of crayons for $1.25, as well as 8-packs of fancier colors for the same price. They also had jumbo-size crayons (great for toddlers) and twistable crayons.

4. TV Trivia Games

The Office, Friends, and Seinfeld trivia games.

Calling all fans of The Office, Friends, and Seinfeld! These cute trivia games are perfect for the TV lover in your life.

Are they as fancy or in-depth as traditional board games? No. But for $1.25, the deck of trivia cards is sure to provide at least an hour or two of fun, and is great for fans of these classic comedies.

5. Jump Ropes and Ankle Skippers

A jump rope and an ankle skipper.

These days, I’m a big fan of any toy that helps get my kid outside and away from a screen – so a jump rope or ankle skipper (aka a less-bells-and-whistles “skip it”) is a great option.

You can find these in the toy aisle at Dollar Tree. The jump ropes come in a bunch of different colors with plastic handles and colorful fabric rope, and the ankle skippers come in a few different color options.

PS – I was shocked to discover a lot of people don’t buy outdoor toys at Christmas because of winter weather. But a) you can always bundle up, and b) if you have a place to store them, adding an outdoor toy to a stocking is a great way to get your kiddo excited for any upcoming warmer days.

6. Pop-Its

An assortment of pop it toys at Dollar Tree.

I’m not sure how these silly things became so popular, but kids seem to be obsessed with them. They’re great for kids who like to fidget and I also find they may help younger kids calm down when upset (by giving them a repetitive motion to focus on instead).

Dollar Tree has a ton of different colors and shapes to choose from for these.

7. Scarves

A variety of different color scarves.

Dollar Tree carries an impressive variety of cute scarves – great for the ladies in your life (from young to old!). These aren’t really scarves for the purpose of keeping warm, but more for decorating your outfit. Depending on the style, some of these can also be used as fun head bands / head wraps, and tied in the back.

8. DVDs

A variety of DVDs at Dollar Tree.

Yes, you can stream just about anything these days – but sometimes it might be tough to find a particular movie, or you’ve realized the one you want is only accessible on a different streaming platform (and no one needs another monthly bill for that).

Check the Dollar Tree’s DVD selection to see what they have on hand. Often, there’s a ton of crappy off-brand movies, but you can also usually find some hidden gems in there. They usually have movies for older crowds as well as kids. Perfect for anyone who loves to curl up with a good film on a cold winter day.

9. Socks

Kids socks on a shelf hanger.

Socks make great dollar store stocking stuffers for both kids and adults! I always appreciate getting socks in my stocking (especially cute fuzzy ones).

You can find all sorts of socks – from no-show ankle socks to crew socks to slipper socks and everything in between – for both adults and kids. I was pumped to find the “Life is Good” two-pack pictured above for kids at the Dollar Tree, which normally retails for far more!

10. Notebook and Pens

Scented gel pens and two different types of notebooks.

Got a tween girl in the house? (Or maybe an adult woman like me that really loves notebooks? Just me?). Grab a fun notebook! They come in a variety of colors and sayings, and are the perfect place to journal or jot down important info.

Be sure to grab a set of fun pens to go with the notebook. How fun are these scented gel pens?!

11. Card Games

Kids card games at dollar tree.

Card games are perfect stocking stuffers and always a fun way to spend some time together as a family.

You can of course grab regular decks of cards, but Dollar Tree also has other games like Old Maid, Happy Families, and other cute kid-friendly games.

12. Coffee Mug

Three different types of coffee mugs.

Is there someone in your house that’s a big coffee drinker? (Raises hand.) You can definitely find some adorable mugs at Dollar Tree.

I love the one pictured above that says “There’s always time for friends, wine, and coffee”, but they have all sorts of mugs with different sayings (or without any writing at all). You can also find seasonal mugs and cups for fall and Christmas there right now, which are super cute.

13. Super Glue

Super glue for sale at the Dollar Tree.

This may seem like a weird stocking stuffer. But trust me, there are people in your life that will be ecstatic to receive super glue. My husband is one of those people.

Dollar Tree sells a bunch of name-brand super glue (including some for specific purposes), so you can find the perfect type for the person you’re buying it for.

14. Lighter

Several lighters on an end cap.

Clearly this is one for the grown-ups, not the kiddos. If you need a practical stocking stuffer for your husband or wife, these long lighters are awesome for lighting home candles, birthday candles, or starting a fire in your fireplace. It’s always good to have one or two lying around the house.

15. Design-a-Cup

A design-a-cup craft.

Have a kiddo in the house that loves all things artsy? This design-a-mug kit is perfect for them.

They can design the cup however they’d like, and then they’ve got their own special cup for water, juice, or milk. Just because they’re designed like travel coffee mugs doesn’t mean kids can’t use ’em too!

PS – This also makes a fun option to buy ahead of the holidays for the kids to make for mom, dad, or grandparents.

16. Tape Measure

Tape measures at the Dollar Tree.

A tape measure is one of those things that everyone needs once in a while – but somehow always seems to go missing. Grab an extra to throw in your spouses stocking. It comes in handy for so many things – measuring rooms, windows, furniture, etc.

17. Nail polish

Assorted nail polish colors.

Nail polish is always a fun for ladies of any age (heck, even my son sometimes liked painting his nails when he was a little younger). You can find all sorts of colors and shades at the Dollar Tree – from glittery options to nudes to bold reds.

You could also grab nail accessories like a mini manicure kit, nail polish remover, and cotton balls for the stocking.

18. Fun toothbrushes

Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, and Thomas toothbrushes.

Have you ever seen that meme that says “Mom, I need toothpaste” and the mom says “Alright, it’ll be part of your Christmas gifts”? Makes me giggle every time.

For real, though, stockings can be a great place to add true necessities like a toothbrush. I love that they have fun character options for the kids – everything from Paw Patrol to Thomas to My Little Pony and more.

19. Hair accessories

Hair accessories like headbands, clips, and scrunchies.

If you’ve got a girl in the house, hair accessories can be a great stocking stuffer. You can usually find a good selection at your local Dollar Tree – from headbands to hair ties to bobby pins and more. They’ve got sparkly options, colorful options, and more muted tones, so you can be sure to find something that fits.

20. Puzzles

Puzzles on the top shelf at Dollar Tree.

Not going to lie, I personally have a strong dislike of puzzles. (They take forever and I’m terrible at them!). But I know there are people in the world that love them, so adding them to our list.

You can find a ton of kids puzzle options at Dollar Tree, ranging from 25 pieces up to ones that are around 500 pieces. They have all sorts of themes too – animals, nature scenes, movie characters, etc.

21. Silly Putty

A package of Silly Putty.

Isn’t Silly Putty one of the most classic childhood toys?! You can bounce it, stretch it, copy newspaper sections – it’s the ultimate cheap option.

22. Christmas Craft Kits

Christmas craft stocking stuffers at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree always has a great selection of Christmas-themed craft kits for kids. You can find make-your-own ornaments, wooden coloring kits, wooden painting kits, customizable photo frames, and more.

These make a great option for stocking stuffers, but also for buying ahead and using as a fun, inexpensive holiday activity with your kids leading up to Christmas.

23. Custom T-Shirt

Assorted t-shirts on a shelf.

I saved this one for last, because it will take a little extra work on your part and it’s not solely a Dollar Tree project.

Dollar Tree has tons of plain colored t-shirts. If you can buy some iron-on transfer paper at an art store, you can create a custom design on your computer (Canva is great for this), print it on the paper, and then transfer it onto the shirt.

You can get super creative with unique interests, funny sayings, or something heartfelt.

The Bottom Line

No matter what your budget is this holiday season, there are plenty of great dollar store stocking stuffer ideas to choose from. From practical items to silly toys to unique craft kits, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list. Time to get shopping (on a budget, of course)!

(PS – Love shopping at the Dollar Tree? Be sure to check out our Dollar Tree meal plan with helpful recipes and a shopping list, and our Dollar Tree pantry makeover showing you how to organize with Dollar Tree items!)

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